23rd April is FOP Awareness Day!

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23rd April is Global FOP Awareness Day!

FOP Awareness Day is celebrated every year on 23rd April, to coincide with the discovery of mistake in the ACVR1 gene which causes FOP.

This research breakthrough was pivotal in improving diagnosis for FOP patients and progressing the search for a cure.  Since then, genetic testing has been made available to improve patient diagnosis.

The discovery of the gene was an international collaboration over a number of years, with the gene finally being discovered in a lab at the University of Pennsylvania, USA.

We now celebrate the discovery every year, throughout the month of April.  We have teamed up with a number of other FOP patient organisations from around the world to create a Global FOP Awareness campaign.

Throughout the month of April, we share facts about FOP to raise awareness and hopefully to prevent misdiagnosis.

For more ideas, about how you can celebrate FOP Awareness Day, and raise awareness and much needed funds for FOP Friends visit our #FunFeet4FOP page!